9 Common Mistakes In An Interview And Tips To Avoid Them

By Divit Arora

1. Arriving late

Try to plan your journey to the interview location earlier than necessary.

2. Dressing too casually

Dressing in a manner that aligns with the company's expectations can help demonstrate your professionalism.

3. Using false information on your resume

Having false information on your resume is a dishonest approach, and it is crucial to avoid this throughout your career.

4. Not knowing enough about the company

A hiring manager may ask you what you know about the company.

5. Talking negatively about the previous company

Even if the experience in your previous company was not a positive one, try to show an optimistic attitude towards it.

7. Having a disrespectful attitude

Try to maintain good posture and practice active listening skills to show your engagement.

8. Not asking questions

The interview is also an opportunity for you to ask questions you may have about the company.

9. Not getting enough rest

People may experience feelings of stress before an interview, causing them to feel distracted sleep less than the optimal amount.

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